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Companies accelerated by Vlocity
Featured case studies
Startup in the co-living space.
Transformed the entire lead generation, customer online engagement and post sales customer service management via AI based conversation agents. Dramatically reduced the dependence of dedicated customer service and sales teams. Introduced smart search allowing google like experience in the private property.
increase in monthly lead generation
increase in monthly lead generation
Key People
Pramod Bharadwaj
Prakhar Kaushik
Key technologie
Proprietary NLP models
India's first kids fintech app
Full product lifecycle management in an “as a service” model by Vlocity. The app aims to revolutionise the space of learning financial habits through "gamification". Built on the entire life cycle of money management, i.e., learn, earn, spend, and save, the app enables parents to schedule tasks for their kids and offer Digital currency in return.
4 weeks
idea to prototype resulting in initial fund raising
12 weeks
prototype to MVP resulting in successful market launch
Key People
Pramod Bharadwaj
Harshit Kyal
Key technologie
 Full stack dev
Data Analytics
Azure cloud platform
 Blockchain base first of its kind SME lending platform
A collaborative platform that bridges the gap between providers and demanders of finance via a transparent blockchain framework. Designed, developed and helped launch a SME financing based fintech company providing technology leadership in areas like AI platform development, blockchain development, cloud management and orchestration and full stack development for web and mobile apps
reduction in asset monetization workflow time
increase in application to funding ratio
Key People
Pramod Bharadwaj
Harshit Kyal
Key technologie
 Machine Learning
Full stack dev
Silicon valley based startup in the engagement management space
CTO as a service and a full managed product R&D lab for a silicon valley startup in the customer engagement management space. Supported through early prototyping, product management and full product lifecycle management life cycle. Full CTO support for the startup in the fund raising process as well as building a dedicated product R&D centre.
result of a 6 week conversion from concept to prototype
18 weeks
100% manual workflow to fully automatic digital workflows
Key People
Puneet Gupta
Pramod Bharadwaj
Key technologie
Azure cloud platform
Data Analytics
What’s the benefit of  MVP-as a service?
Super fast
From idea to market launch in 12 weeks. Idea to prototype in 2 weeks.
Cost Effective
Choose your budget or subscribe to a monthly development capacity
CTO as a service
A fractional model that ensures right architecture so that the tech design optimally meets your goals.
Scale as you go
Incrementally scale down or up the service subscription to meet your needs. We will ensure continuity.
Top-Notch Devs
Cost and GTM are driven more by quality of the dev team than anything else. Get top techies to work on your vision
Build your team
We help you build your own tech team and assist in talent identification, interviewing and onboarding
Tech stack used by Vlocity
We work with you via design thinking workshops to understand what's your vision,  where you want to go and how so.
Systematic planning, mapping out the product roadmap, execution plan, choosing the right architecture  and tech stack for the project's success.
Define the right team composition, setup the right communication mechanism and put in place the CI/CD pipeline
Agile execution with demonstrations all the way through to weave in the optimal changement management based on your feedback
Hear directly from our satisfied clients,
Reworked AI
Dependable, trustworthy is what comes to my mind. The team has been very knowledgeable, timely, extremely customer focused so overall a great partner to have, what an entrepreneur looking to build product exactly needs.
Harsh Chaklasiya
Aspire Bit Technofab LLC
A great example of what a partner is. The team has demonstrated an ability to do cutting edge tech development in challenging time frames. And a delivery model that large companies should learn from!
Musa Ahmed
ZAMASK Engineering
I must commend your development team—both on the backend and frontend. Working with them has been an absolute pleasure. Their skill and commitment to excellence shine through in every project, making complex tasks seem effortless and delivering results beyond expectations.
Danny Goyal
My overall experience with your company has been nothing short of outstanding. The level of professionalism, dedication, and expertise demonstrated by your team has truly left a lasting impression.
Mehar Singh
Writ Softwares
It was a pleasure working with your team. I got to work with the Frontend Developers from your team on one of our long term projects. This project required good technical and comprehension skills, I found the developers Shefali & Kushal handled the project really well and we managed to deliver it as per the expectations.
Kind of talent at your disposal
Puneet Gupta
Technology Strategist
Product strategy
Pramod Bharadwaj
Product Engineering Specialist
Product Engineering
Harshit Kyal
Product Engineering Specialist
Product Management
Prakhar Kaushik
Tech Architecture Expert
AI tech
Low level design
Vibha Gupta
Digital Experience Wizard
Digital marketing
UX strategy
Frequently asked questions
What size budgets do you typically work with?
We work with a range of startups. Very early stage starting with just $2000 to get started advanced product development and management upwards of $50,000 per month subscription. The core of our service design is to allow a service design that maps to your budgets and GTM urgency.
How do I figure out how much your services will cost?
You have two ways. Share your startup vision and your immediate needs and we can suggest a right development capacity to match your feature needs and your intended time to market. Alternatively, if you are at a very early stage, take a starting monthly subscription or a one-time fixed price development quote for a prototype and a small set of features and get a sense of it.
What do you mean by subscribing to a development capacity?
It’s very simple. No need to hire a certain number of developers or do complex development hour estimation and negotiate hourly developer rates. We make it very simple. You choose how much you can spend per month and we will tell you how much development capacity in the form of story points you will get. A story point is what is needed to develop a simple user journey like say “Logging a user in”. We can help you with multiple examples so that even a business user can decide what amount of development is needed.
What technologies do you work with?
We are a full-stack & cloud development specialists with deep expertise in multi modal development (Web, mobile, TV, AR/VR, smart watches, Chatbots). We have a dedicated team of specialists in AI, Blockchain, Security, Performance and Data/Analytics domains.  Founding team includes award winning CTOs with silicon valley tech experience
Can you help me with experience design as well?
Yes. In fact we would love to help you/leads the UX and UI design elements of the project also. We have deep expertise in digital design and our development processes seamlessly weaves in design into the entire project lifecycle. And if you just need design support, you can subscribe to design capacity in a fractional model also 
What is your CTO as a service?
Very often new startup founders are business and domain experts. And they may not have full time CTOs as part of the floundering team. This puts them at a disadvantage in making the right architectural and technology stack choices. We can help here. We can take up the CTO role ensuring right tech design, decision making and governance choices. Depending on your needs, you can subscribe the role at a fraction of the cost. The CTO as a service can also support your investor as well as client interactions.
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